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  • Supporting Growth in Presentational Writing: Mad Libs with Google Forms & Autocrat

      For many Novice-level learners, writing in phrases and paragraphs can pose a challenge. They are in the “list of words” and “memorized phrases” stage on their path to proficiency. Even after several exposures with the theme through various input sessions and activities, students will look at a blank paper and freeze. Where to start? […]

  • Curriculum by Catherine
  • Impactful Input & Thoughtful Technology: One Food Unit’s Transformation

      Vlog for this post! Supporting Student Growth from Novice High to Intermediate Mid Through Impactful Input and Thoughtful Technology: One Food Unit’s Transformation   In a recent #langchat discussion, our topic was, “How can we plan for and provide scaffolding for output in Novice Level Classes?” I gleaned from the conversation that there were […]